It’s Just A Phase: names “Lesbian Chic” Top Trend For Fall

Did you know that being gay was a trend?

Well, according to’s “The Conversation”, about Fall’s new fashion trends, Lesbian Chic may be here to stay.  Their words, not mine.  Apparently, lesbians have been everywhere this summer! Through the eyes of, we didn’t exist before this summer, when a couple of women on their radar got divorces and started hooking up with other ladies.  Because of this “trend” of lesbianism, suggests now EVERYONE is gonna do it! Models who previously only had eyes for men are going to acquire homo-vision and start dating each other!

And the ramifications for style!  Seriously- ramifications? That has such a negative connotation.  It kind of chaps my hide a bit to first state that my sexuality is a trend, and then to suggest that it A) has anything to do with you and B) has some sort of negative consequence to you.  Rihanna’s stylist, Mel Ottenberg said: “I think when you see girls running around in Air Jordans and baseball caps, then yeah, something’s moved.” As if there have never been girls wearing Jordans.  I get it, most of the people in fashion are too high society for Nikes. But I find it impossible to believe that they’re not at least aware that people wear things.  Like, I don’t agree that leggings are pants, but I’m certainly aware that every sorority girl on campus thinks it’s acceptable.  She added that “Rih’s wearing combat boots in situations where before, nothing but four-inch-heel stiletto booties would do.”Because combat boots=lesbian.

So, then, with deductive reasoning:







Oh wait.. bad example.

What do you think of Lesbian Chic? Are you flattered to be in fashion, or are you sick of being caught in a phase?


6 thoughts on “It’s Just A Phase: names “Lesbian Chic” Top Trend For Fall

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