Obama Is Forcing Gay Marriage On The US!

I’m not really one for political talk, because I don’t want to try and give the illusion that I know more about something than I actually do.


This is my absolute favorite political ad, EVER. Seriously- take the time to watch it (it’s supa short).

First off, this acting is Grade A and I totally feel like I’m in someone’s bigoted kitchen, having a completely natural, unscripted conversation with them!

This is far too hilarious for anyone to possibly take seriously (right?!) Forcing gay marriage on the country? Where in Obama’s platform does it say that all the heterosexual citizens of the US must now find & marry a same sex partner? Go ahead and find it. I’ll be waiting…

Couldn’t find it? Cool. On to my next gripe about this absolutely fucking ridiculous tv spot- “vote for someone with values”


I don’t have VALUES because I’m gay?! That’ll surely get you voters. You know, you don’t have to be gay to believe in equal rights. And I think (hope), that a lot more people think this ad is offensive and ridiculous, and respond accordingly.  Thankfully(ish), this ad wasn’t sponsored by Mitt Romney, but the Campaign For American Values.  Though I’m sure the only part Romney’s mad about is the poor acting and production value.

Did you think this ad was as completely ludicrous as I did?

wedding rings rainbow flag


7 thoughts on “Obama Is Forcing Gay Marriage On The US!

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