Romney: Gay Couples Are Loving and Respectful- I Don’t Want Them Married

During a “Meet The Candidate” event hosted by Univision, Mitt Romney was asked what advice he’d give if one of his kids were gay, and wanted to get married.  He answered, “Well, all my children are married, so I’d be very surprised.” And then he laughed.  And the audience CHEERED. For what?! Mitt’s straight children?

Fucking hilarious, Mitt.

He then goes on to actually address the question, stating that he’d want these hypothetical gay grandchildren to be happy, and he realizes that gay couples have loving, respectful relationships.  But he still doesn’t want them to be able to be married.  What the hell, Mitt?

The federal government assigns 1,138 benefits and responsibilities based on marital status, not on civil union status. Benefits we can’t get with civil unions:

  • Leave to care for an ill spouse
  • Social Security survivor benefits
  • Bereavement leave if our partner dies
  • Joint tax returns (and many other tax benefits that heterosexual married couples receive)
  • Parenting rights (our children aren’t automatically “our” children.  They are the children of which partner gave birth, or to ONE of us in the case of adoption)

…to name a FEW.

So I’m glad you’re “all for” civil unions, but until we can get equal rights, I’m still not biting- and neither are a lot of voters.

Seriously, I’m sick of this separate but equal bullshit.


2 thoughts on “Romney: Gay Couples Are Loving and Respectful- I Don’t Want Them Married

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