Toronto Proposes Gay-Centric High School- Because Being Gay Didn’t Single These Kids Out Enough

There’s a public forum in progress in Toronto to gauge interest for a gay-centric high school. Fan Wu, a university student (his guy is a 20 year old student– why is anyone listening to him?!), suggested that the Toronto District School Board could make student’s lives easier by creating this alternative high school.

Toronto Pride

Wu’s reasoning was his own high school experience: “I experienced a culture in which I could not speak about my sexuality to the rest of my school,” he said. “So I would say that although the bullying is not overt, I would call it a sort of covert bullying.” I’m sorry that I’ve never been bullied, so I can’t really relate, but, this is probably one of the dumbest ideas I’ve heard of in quite some time.

So, he was bullied, and his grand idea is to just REMOVE all the gay kids from regular high schools, and put them into their very own bubble high school. -_- (this is my unamused face). He’s trying to defend his idea by saying that any student can apply to this school, “regardless of their financial background, regardless of their sexuality in particular. So we would welcome allies, straight people, lesbian, gay, bi, trans, people of all sorts into this school. There is no ghettoization going on here.”First, I love the term “ghettoization.” So let it just be noted that he’s the one that likened this to holocaust segregation- not me.

Next, the problem isn’t who is invited to apply- it’s who actually will. In high school, most kids are under the direct responsibility of their parents. Unfortunately, a lot of parents still aren’t accepting of homosexuality. So, say you have a straight kid who thinks it would be cool to go to this alternative high school (also just calling it ‘alternative’ reinforces that there’s something weird or different about being gay). He mentions this to his parents, who more likely than not say something along the lines of “Why do you want to go to that homo school? And No fucking way.” And then there’s the gay kids. In high school, most kids aren’t out to their parents. Of the few that are, many of them don’t accept it, and a small portion want to try to pray away the gay, and sending them to a super gay school is the opposite of their plans for their children. So that leaves a really small population of gay high school kids with accepting parents, that for some reason want to send their kids to some separate school. Now they’re going to end up like those weird home schooled kids that never had friends that weren’t their moms’.

This is the direct opposite of what needs to happen. This pushes the idea that in order to solve a bullying or acceptance problem, we just need to get rid of the gay kids. ARE YOU CRAZY?! What we need to be doing is changing how people think. We need to remove this idea that “everyone is straight, and that’s the right way to be” from our collective thinking. We have to make sure those misinformed straight kids are exposed to diversity. You can’t decide that because there’s a bullying problem, that the solution is to remove the victims. That’s absolutely ridiculous, as is this whole stupid idea.

Do you think this idea holds some weight? Or do you think it’s completely ridiculous?


7 thoughts on “Toronto Proposes Gay-Centric High School- Because Being Gay Didn’t Single These Kids Out Enough

  1. When I started reading this, I immediately thought of that Mean Girls reference. Then I scrolled down, and thought “She knows what’s up” :p

    But really, this is a terrible idea. I don’t understand why it’s even being entertained as a legitimate idea. Come on Toronto.

  2. I have trouble agreeing with you. This, by all means, is an advisable, and thought-provoking idea. But it needs to be constructed more cautiously, taking it beyond simplistic connotations.

    In paragraph 4 above, take your use of ‘alternative’ for example – and the meaning/associations it entails. This proposed school should be treated, marketed, publicised as any other school, without the slightest association of anything ‘out of the ordinary’, ‘alternative’, ‘specific’ or for that matter ‘weird’.

    The ultimate objectives of all right-thinking people would concur on the following:

    – a high school context in which young people will not face any kind of physical or verbal intimidation/bullying on the basis of their looks/sexual orientation
    – a society at large that is less and less discriminatory, violent and rejecting, and more and more appreciative, welcoming, non-violent and friendly.

    I fully agree with the point you raise in the last paragraph on what needs to be done. But there’s no harm in complementing that course of action with steps of this nature (i.e. the proposed school).

    • I see where you’re coming from, but it’s my belief that there should be a zero tolerance policy for bullying in all schools, and that every school should hold those same values you mentioned. But maybe creating this new school with these ideals will be a good start.i guess we’ll see what happens

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