Breakout Hip Hop Track Tops The Charts In Support Of Referendum 74

A lot of you I’m sure have already heard this, but in case you haven’t, a breakout, underground  hip-hop artist Macklemore recently released the Track “Same Love” in support of legalizing gay marriage.  I had seen it all over, but I didn’t actually listen to it until my aunt over at De Facto Status pointed out to me that Macklemore is a Seattle local, where I have a lot of family.  In November, Washington state is going to vote on Referendum 74, which depending on the outcome, will approve or reject the February 2012 bill that would legalize same-sex marriage in the state. If it passes, the bill will take effect December 6th.  So if you live in Washington state- make sure you get out and vote! Well, even if you live in another state.  You know what I meant.  Anyways, here’s the song, which was running at #1 on iTunes for awhile:

The reason I didn’t listen to this before is because I’m usually not into the obvious message, we should support each other, hey listen to me because I’m gay music.  For example, I hate Frank Ocean.  It’s not because he’s a bisexual, it’s not because I don’t like his style of music- R&B has always been my first love. I just think his voice is absolute shit.  Go ahead and argue but I can name a million better singers than him.  And before anyone says “you try to sing better than him”- I promise you I can. Try me. I realize it’s not his fault, but I just hate how everyone got so excited about him just because he came out as bi.  Isn’t the point to make this type of thing a non-issue?

The point is, I actually really love this.  It’s real, it’s to the point, and I think it’s kind of funny, especially the beginning when he says “When I was in the third grade, I thought I was gay, because I could draw… a bunch of stereotypes in my head.” And he talks a lot about the things we say that we think are okay because we’re hiding behind a keyboard.  I think that’s really relevant, strong shit.  And it’s amazing.

What do you guys think of the song?


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