Top 7 Reasons Buzzfeed Should Hire Me aka Help Me Get My Dream Job (plz)

I apologize in advance, but this is a bit of a break from your regularly scheduled programming.  Some of you may know that I’m obsessed with Buzzfeed. It’s been a dream of mine to somehow find a job there- and now it’s possible. They’re looking for an LGBT culture blogger, and I couldn’t think of a job more perfect for me! I would adore each and every one of you forever and for always if you could reblog/share/like/retweet/ skywrite the link to this blog, and tag @Buzzfeed . You can tweet this,for example:

Help me get my dream job @Buzzfeed #GetAngelHired

Dearest Buzzfeed,

I love you so.  I can’t even count the ways.  But here are some things I can count- 7 reasons why I’m awesome and you should hire me:

1. I already write LGBT posts for funzies. I have a super awesome blog. You should totally browse around to verify how great it is.

2. I definitely have a take on LGBT news and culture,   because:

3. I’m a lesbian

Here’s me being a lesbian- snapback AND a rainbow?!

4. I’m chock full of great ideas. Examples:


5. I love conversations! My unique views, opinions, and generally sassy disposition can bring different perspectives to (inter)national stories.

This is the sassiest looking picture of me I could find

6. Social Media? I essentially majored in that.  No, Really:

FSU’s ICT major focuses on web design, social media marketing, digital media production, and a lot of other cool stuff. (there’s a super cheesy video in it for you if you click here)

7. I’m also an SM MACHINE (you can totes click on these):

  • Twitter (what?! I have TWO of those!)

  • Tumblr- My Tumblr is also super gay- check it out!

 Wait- is that a Buzzfeed post at the top?

  • Facebook- but who doesn’t have that, really?

    That’s my rugby team, proof that I’m also a badass

  • Instagram- I love that shit

  • LinkedIn? I think it’s dumb, but I have it anyways!

BONUS: I’ve exposed a bunch of people that, due to some ridiculous oversight on their part, have never seen Buzzfeed before.

I hope we’re on the same page, now. Doesn’t this just seem like a no-brainer?


2 thoughts on “Top 7 Reasons Buzzfeed Should Hire Me aka Help Me Get My Dream Job (plz)

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