Gay In The Workplace, My Graduation Fears

I only have 7 weeks left until I’m shoved out into the real world.  As you hopefully know, I’m really gunning for this LGBT blogger position at Buzzfeed.  If you don’t know that, click on that link you just read past, and please, please, please help me out.  There are all the bribes involved.

Anyways, I’m super scared.  Not only am I currently still on the job hunt with no definite life plan, I’ve been reminded time and again that the real life is not like my comfortable bubble of college.  In the real world, I don’t have a team full of ruggers to have my back.  I’m also probably not going to ever be surrounded by that many lesbians again in my entire life (clarification: a lot of those girls are straight). If I don’t get this Buzzfeed position, or something similar to it, I might not be working somewhere as open and accepting as Starbucks anymore, either.  And that kind of scares me.  And leaves a lot of room for confusion, too.

fsu women's rugby 2012

Don’t test us

Right now, as I’ve mentioned, my main job is at a Starbucks location on campus.  It’s kind of where I grew up, really.  It’s where I met my girlfriend, it’s where I got to meet and become friends with so many amazing people- some of the best friends I’ve ever had (I’m totally fighting crying right now just thinking about it).  And it’s where I got to meet so many people that were just like me.  I’m sure you’ve all been in a Starbucks, and I’m sure you’ve also realized that other than maybe Logo, there’s the highest concentration of gays working there that the store could possibly hold without exploding rainbows.  And I’ve loved it there (for the most part).  I got to see people going through the same things, I got to learn so much from people who already went through what I was going through at the time, and I got to grow as a person and have support from all my friends.  I know that sounds super cheesy, but it’s been an amazing ride there.  So shout out to the Strozbucks ❤

I also hold a second job at City Hall, where I work the IT help desk.  Obviously, this is a lot less gay of a job, but I enjoy it nonetheless.  I’ve learned a lot of technical things there.  The bonus about working the help desk is that everyone else that works it with me is my same age.  We’re mostly all students or recent grads, and I’ve become really good friends with all of them, too. Though I’m sure a few of them just recently found out I was gay, no one has treated me any differently, and I’ve always felt comfortable going to work, learning new things, and having a good time hanging out with my favorite nerds.  But I keep having this ominous feeling like my sweet, comfy ride is about to get a lot more bumpy.  I’m getting really nervous about getting a real-life job.  I’m worried about getting a job where people are really conservative, and maybe aren’t particularly accepting.  I don’t go to work everyday in my “I enjoy vagina” shirt, and I don’t shout from the rooftops “Hey, I’m gay bitches!”, but I don’t want to have to go out of my way to hide anything from anyone.  And I don’t want to have to deal with people that are hateful, or maybe just ignorant.  I know those people are everywhere, but I’ve just become so accustomed to people being on my side, for the most part.  And I know outside of a college campus, people aren’t so accepting, depending on where you go.  I don’t want to have to field dirty looks just for holding my girlfriend’s hand, or worse, nasty comments for living my life the way that makes me the most happy.  Maybe I’m sounding whiny or melodramatic, but that’s just my current fear.  That and just not getting a job in general.  So seriously, help me out.


11 thoughts on “Gay In The Workplace, My Graduation Fears

  1. You will totally find the gays in the work place. Totally had similar nerves and you will rock it out in the real world. No worries!

  2. Honey, try it on active duty. Things are a lot better now, but please remember haters are going to hate. Your Latina, in Florida that could go either way; your a woman, most def a harder thing down south; yes being a lesbian on top of all that is hard the farther south you are. BUT you are a smart woman (notice I left off the ass off smart :o} ) You have the discipline, & motivation to get stuff done. You don’t have the neon sign over your head the way I do, so the best advice is BE YOU. You don’t hide who you are, but don’t advertise either. Don’t lie either, that tears you up from the inside and can screw you bad (experience talking here) if asked be honest, if you dont get the job or are fired because of it then its THEIR problem.

    One of my best friends is a die-hard republican, redneck, geek, We met when he hired me. He learned so MUCH about how normal LGBT community is by working with me, and being part of Ana’s life and he has become a better person for it. Just hope that you can come across such an opportunity to show the straight up tight community how “normal” us lesbian, latina, geeks we can be.
    Mi casa su casa if you want to head back up north.

      • Oh don’t forget your plan B:
        Parental Units are federal L.E.Os and you grew up around plenty of them and other folks that will ensure an eternity of pain upon anyone the messes with you!! 🙂

  3. My only advice is to be as out as you are comfortable with from the start. If people aren’t going to be cool – fuck ’em. You’ll find lots of great people out there just waiting to talk about gay stuff 🙂 Good luck!

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