Ignorant Shit People Ask Me #1

As a lesbian, especially a femme, I get asked a lot of stupid things. Not that all lesbians don’t get stupid shit said to them, I just get a special type of ignorance thrust upon me, just like I know many more butch lesbians get their own. So I decided to start a little segment (is that what you’d call it?) entitled “The Ignorant Shit People Ask Me”. Sometimes I reckon it will also contain stupid things people say, not phrased in the form of a question

So for part one, we’re going to talk about my friend Kevin. Calling him a friend is very generous, I think, as he is consistently poking me, fucking with my keyboard, and just generally getting on my last damn nerve.
So the other day, while in the middle of working in a group project, Kevin decides that he’d like to play truth or dare, instead. I pick truth in order to A) appease him into shutting up, and B) not do something ridiculous in the library. Yes, it’s my fault for even engaging him, but for him, it’s easier to just indulge him and move on. So then, he asks the question that I probably hate the most.

“So, like, who’s the boy?”

And I gave the answer I always give when I get this question which is:

“There isn’t one- that’s why we’re lesbians. Two women.”

He doesn’t seem to get it. “But like, one of you is the boy. When you go to a door, who holds it open?”

That’s a take I’ve never heard before. And I kind of thought that, even with that dumb ass question, it was sort of endearing to hear him relate it to a more chivalrous aspect than the crude nasty shit I usually hear.

…But then he asked if we scissor. -_-


9 thoughts on “Ignorant Shit People Ask Me #1

  1. Hahaha I’m so glad I was there to witness this. I feel like so many people are hell-bent on figuring out who the “man” or “women” is in the relationship. My grandma always asks if my uncle or his husband is the “women”. -.-

  2. I’ve been asked that before and I said the same thing you did — whoever reaches it first. I do that even if I’m walking in at the same time as a guy. Someday I want to write an “Ask the lesbian” column. That would be awesomeness.

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