Straight Women & Gay Best Friends

So I was on Reddit, as I am wont to do, and I find this thread.  This is something I’ve kind of wanted to talk about for a while, but I wasn’t really sure how to phrase what I wanted to portray.  So thanks to the ladies of AL for helping me express my feelings.

There’s this weird divide where I feel like gay men are a lot more accepted- in life, in the media, in general.  And it’s really dumb, and I’m kind of over it, so can we stop with that bullshit?  Anyways, I continuously see straight women talking about how much they LAHV gay men.  I don’t understand why someone’s sexuality is something to like about someone.  Unless of course you are of that same sexuality, and you’re trying to get in their pants.  I mean a SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP. That’s a lie- I like lesbians because they’re like me, so that’s cool.  I don’t get it, is what I’m trying to say.  Littlemissmustache on Reddit stated that “pop culture encourages this commodification of gay men.”  But why?!  I think women are thinking of this stereotype that isn’t always perpetuated.  They think it’s cool to have a gay friend that they can go shopping with and drink appletinis with and be FABULOUS.

Guess what, ladies?  Just like there are femme lesbians (shock! scandal!) There are gay men that aren’t flamboyant and stylish.  My closest gay friend is probably the least stylish person I know (sorry). He’s a scruffy indie kid that just recently bought a pair of shoes that weren’t non-slips for work.

I also understand that some women feel comfortable with gay men because they don’t feel threatened that they will try to hook up with them.  This doesn’t just go for gay men.  This goes for ANYONE WHO IS NOT A SKEEVY DOUCHE. Pick better friends.  Which brings me to an impromptu conversation I had with a random gay man outside of my class this morning.  I’m not, by any means, saying this goes for all of you straight ladies.  But, there is a definite trend- enough of which that it has become a sort of wide-held stereotype, that straight girls are forever trying to make out with their gay (male)  friends.  Why is that?! I had to go to class, so I couldn’t get into an in-depth conversation with him about what he thought about it, but he did not seem particularly amused by it.  But I’m wondering why they go along with it? Unsure.

The main point I’m trying to get to here is that gay men aren’t your fucking toys or your belongings, and you’re not a cooler person for having a GBF (gay best friend), no matter what you saw on Will & Grace.


3 thoughts on “Straight Women & Gay Best Friends

  1. So, I have nothing productive to say, but I did want to tell you about two of my friends. One had a gay male best friend she called her “gay” she said every girl needs a gay. My other friend (from high school) used to say it was her goal in life to turn a gay guy straight. So maybe that’s where the making out thing comes from.

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