Four Steps Forward, & Maybe One Day, I Can Get Married

I will admit, although this election had most of it’s focus on the economy, I was tunnel vision concentrated on The Four. Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington all had questions of marriage equality on their ballots this election. Maine, Maryland, and Washington asked to legalize same-sex marriages, and Minnesota voted on whether they would continue to ban same sex marriages.  And, ladies and gents, we won.  “We” as a community.  It’s a huge, amazing, beautiful four steps forward.  We now have 9 states and DC recognizing same-sex marriages, and at the very least, the ban has been lifted in Minnesota.  Minnesota! The fucking American heartland! Did you ever imagine?! I know that’s not exactly where we want to be in Minnesota, but that is still HUGE! And Wisconsin? A lesbian senator! That shit is crazy (crazy amazing)! I honestly never thought that the majority of the midwest was particularly empathetic or interested in gay rights/equality.  It makes me ecstatic, to be honest.  I may still be in Florida, and we’re not quite there yet- but we’re making forward progress, and there’s nothing that’s going to stop us now.

minnesota maine maryland washington marriage

Later this month, the supreme court will decide whether or not to hear any of the marriage equality cases up for review.  This makes a big statement to them.  Brian Ellner, co-founder of The Four 2012 said,

“By winning for the first time on marriage at the ballot box, we made clear what national polls already show — that Americans support fairness and equality for all families,” he said. “Questions on civil rights should not be up for popular vote, but because they were, we mobilized. Because of it, as the Supreme Court considers marriage equality this term, the Justices now know America is with us. America is ready.”

It’s an exciting time.  As Brian said- there’s no reason that we should be voting on who gets to have rights.  This is America.  The country has proven that these measures can, in fact, be passed by popular vote- which has been a big talking point against marriage equality in the past.  So suck it, you homophobic bigots.


4 thoughts on “Four Steps Forward, & Maybe One Day, I Can Get Married

  1. I’m not an American but rather a Canadian.out 50 something lesbian. Although not married knowing that I can if I choose is so freeing and so right that I feel the jubilation felt by the LBGT communities in those states. They’ve worked hard to get what should have been rightfully theirs in the first place. I hope the day will arrive when it becomes legal in ALL of the States of America just like ALL provinces of Canada…..

  2. Love, love, love! I was shocked and not shocked that Minnesota came through. Shocked in the sense that you usually don’t think of the midwest as accepting as those on the northeast or west coast but not shocked in that it’s obvious people are starting to realize how ridiculous it is to keep a certain group of people away from happiness. I’m just so proud! Great post!

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