You Can’t Be Taken Seriously If…

*le sigh*


Twitter has gone and done it again.  There’s this huge group of morons who, for some reason, are still allowed to have the internetz. The other day I saw this list of The Most Homophobic Twitter Responses To #YouCantBeTakenSeriouslyIf.  Sometimes, I think Buzzfeed is just trying to infuriate me.  I made it about halfway down the list until I was fuming so much that I had to stop reading.  But seriously, you should take a look, just to feel my disdain. Just a couple things that, in case you didn’t know, made you gay (according to these tweets):

  1. You have a speech impediment
  2. You don’t like football
  3. You wear Toms
  4. You say “hehehe”
  5. You like to cuddle

A couple things about this-  I’m pretty sure most of these people on this list have never heard of a lesbian before.  But that’s besides the point.  When did a lisp become synonymous with gay?  These are the same people that don’t realize that 90% or more of the world doesn’t watch football, because it’s an American sport.  And I’m going to have to ask how wearing comfortable shoes that help give poor children footwear is a negative thing.  And who doesn’t like to cuddle?  Real point of my story is STOPSTOPSTOP with the using gay as a derogatory term.  There’s nothing wrong with being gay.  There’s nothing negative about it. You’re being ignorant, and a bigot.  That shit’s not cute.

But, as you can tell by most of the profile pictures, these are all kids.  So my plea to the parents of America is twofold

  • grow up
  • stop teaching your kids to spread hate

That’s my angry rant/PSA of the week.  You can totally follow @HerGayAgenda on Twitter for more positive and #ProHomo tweets 🙂


2 thoughts on “You Can’t Be Taken Seriously If…

  1. I remember back in middle school when I was using “gay” as a derogatory term, because everyone else did and I had no idea what it really meant. Luckily my school district made a policy against using gay as a derogatory term, and it eventually faded out of style. Sure there were still some students used it in such a manner, but they were quickly scoffed at by other peers.

    I remember the day I realised the policy had worked as well, because someone used gay inappropriately and everyone in the vicinity were taken aback. It was quite the realisation.

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