Lesbian Stereotypes 101: The Hasbian and The Predator

*Reminiscing about the good ole days*

Peggy: I was a lesbian back in 1974.

Bette: Just 1974?

Peggy: Yes, that was all I needed.

Bette: That’s what we commonly refer to as a “hasbian”.

Here’s to bringing back another installment of lesbian stereotypes!

boy meets world cheers


Today I was on Facebook, and an ex girlfriend of one of my (lesbian) friends was going on a cruise… with her boyfriend.  It’s very common for the college years to be “experimental”, be it sexually or otherwise. This leads to what we often call a “hasbian”, as in used to be a lesbian.  This is usually someone that went in for an experiment, and then decided ladybits aren’t really their thing.  Which is totally cool- I’m not here to judge.  I can understand why a lot of lesbians take offense to this, though.  When you’re consistently being told “but you’re really a bisexual though” or “all you need is to find the right man”, a hasbian can really undercut the lesbian visibility cause.

This brings me to The Predator.  A few friends of mine have this policy: “I only date straight girls”.  One might think “That doesn’t make any sense- that’s impossible! They wouldn’t be dating you if they were straight.”

Wrong you are, my friend.

Though I hate to say it, many girls are both curious and easily manipulated. Pair those two fatal flaws together, and The Predator easily charms the unassuming straight girl.  Then BAM- they’re somehow in a lesbian relationship. They may date for awhile, and then the girl realizes “oh shit I have to actually interact with a vagina at some point, don’t I?” And then the spell is broken, and the hasbian is born.


5 thoughts on “Lesbian Stereotypes 101: The Hasbian and The Predator

  1. There’s something about this post that has struck a chord with me. I believe I may have been a hasbian that is now realized she’s a lesbian. This is definitely one of those “things that make you go hmmmm”. Thanks for the post as usual.

    • Thanks for reading 🙂 I’m not sure if you’d be considered a hasbian, necessarily. I think the only ones of us that haven’t waffled a little in the grey area are those damn gold stars

  2. Huh. My experience with hasbians has been completely different. Usually in my experience it’s the straight girl who manipulates queer women into thinking they’re gay so they’ll either make out with them in front of guys or drag them around their liberal friends to score oppression points.

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