Lesbian Stereotypes 101: The Lesbian Latch

I’m sitting in the living room, talking to my girlfriend, and she’s getting really excited.  She sounds like she’s just broken a conspiracy theory.

So what’s the deal?

Carabiners.  Those mountain climbing latches that your queer self probably has her keys attached to right now.

carbiner mountian climbing lesbian key latch

Admit it, your keys are on one of these

“It’s totally a thing! I first noticed at the drag show, at least half of those lesbians had key latches.  Then we’re at Proof and our friend had one, and then at brunch THREE lesbians all walked in together all of them with key latches on their belts!”

Obviously, I had to investigate.

According to a google search of “carabiner lesbian”, everyone else has already caught onto this, and we’re the only ones just figuring this out.  So I decided to do some asking around to see how many of my own lesbian friends keep their keys on a Lesbian Latch (Trademark Pending).  My girlfriend, plus a few of our friends.  What I’m thinking is it’s more of a butch characteristic, because that’s where I found the most carabiner use.  I think it also has more to do with the fact that they’re hooking it onto their belts, whereas femmes will typically throw keys in their purse.

At the same time, straight people use them, too.  It’s just convenient.  But even they know it’s a lesbian thing, apparently.  One of my friends told me that during her freshman year, her dad sat her down and asked bluntly, “You’re not a lesbian, are you? I mean you wear your keys on that latch thing.”


Do you have your keys on a carabiner hooked onto your belt loop? What other ridiculous stereotypes have you come across?


7 thoughts on “Lesbian Stereotypes 101: The Lesbian Latch

  1. I guess as an “OWL” old wise lesbian I missed this too, it may be a generational thing that i am too mature for!

  2. I bought a carabiner a while back because it was purple and shaped like a penguin. I’ve never used it, it just looks pretty. Thats not very butch of me, is it? >_< haha…

  3. When I was married to a man I always had my keys on a carabiner, now that I am not married and out as gay, i tend to throw my keys in my purse (still attached to the carabiner however)…. what does that say about me?

  4. No carabiner for me! I didn’t even know what one was until last year when my girlfriend mentioned it during a conversation about her hiking trip. Yep, femme, femme, femme.

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