Get the hell out of my bedroom!

I was watching this documentary a couple weeks ago, called “For The Bible Tells Me So”, and among all the other infuriating things it brought up, I’ve been being reminded about one thing in particular recently.  One of the moms mentioned that she realized that one of the reasons she wasn’t accepting her daughter’s lesbianism was that she was thinking about it solely based on sex.  Hearing that come from her mom was off putting for a couple reasons.

(a) when I have kids, I DO NOT, under any circumstances, want to think about their sexual proclivities. That’s weird and gross.

(b) I’ve had the idea put in my head for a very long time that “sex isn’t everything”

And it’s NOT. When you’re in a real relationship, sex isn’t the only thing.  There’s love, compassion, caring, and a weird mix of every emotion you can think of.  In reality, sex is such a tiny sliver of a relationship, that I’m confused why it’s essentially the only thing discussed within the topic of homosexuality.

I’ve complained many times about people asking questions they would never have the gall to ask a straight person.  But I think hearing this made me realize, to a point, why people ask such invasive and inappropriate things.  Not that it’s acceptable, because it absolutely isn’t.  I just can’t seem to put my finger on why the whole sex thing is the most important deal to people.  Is your sex life really so awful that you really have to get involved in mine? I just wish people would start thinking rationally, and understand that I’m not just a lesbian for the sex- there’s way more to it than that.

for the bible tells me so

Also, you should totally watch that documentary (It’s currently on Netflix), and let me know what you think.  About the “focus on sex thing”, not on my bedroom adventures.


What do you think?

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