Girlrilla and Lizbos: Women In MMA

So I’m not sure how many of you are into MMA, but I’m guessing that of my lesbian readers, there’s got to be a UFC fan population, right? Anyways, this past weekend, my girlfriend got bro-tastic and we went to the bar and watched Rousey vs. Carmouche, which, if you didn’t know was the first ever women’s UFC title fight.  That alone was so amazing, because not too long ago Dana White (founder of UFC) was adamant that there would never be women in the octagon.  Then Ronda Rousey happened.  So here’s this girl that got his attention, and now she has all this notoriety within MMA.  But she was given this title that she hadn’t really earned yet.  Yeah, she’s a badass, and she annihilated all her previous opponents before the end of the first round, but she hadn’t been challenged yet in the UFC octagon.

In comes Liz Carmouche, a former Marine turned MMA fighter, who also happens to be a lesbian.  What I think is so cool about Liz (other than being a complete badass), is that she got this fight by essentially twitter bombing Dana White and starting this social media campaign that successfully got her in the octagon with Rousey. The fight was great-only lasted one round, unfortunately, but it was still entertaining to watch.  I was maybe a little too invested, screaming at the screen anytime Carmouche seemed to have the upper hand.    Watching the countdown specials before the fight made me really root for her. Even though she lost, I’m hoping that getting into the spotlight like this will help her out and advance her.

liz carmouche neck crank ronda rousey

Now, there’s a new campaign, trying to get Ellen to invite Carmouche, the “Girl-Rilla”, onto her show.  So I definitely suggest you tweet to @TheEllenShow and show your support for #GirlrillaOnEllen.  I, for one, have definitely been inspired, and now I’ll forever be a Lizbo.

One gripe I want to make is that every single commentator had to make a comment about the fighters being beautiful.  Yes, they’re both attractive women.  But that’s not what they’re there to do.  They wouldn’t ever describe any of the male fighters as “hot” or “attractive”, so let’s leave looks out of it, and talk about their fighting, instead of trying to sexualize and objectify. K Thanks.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a video to embed, but here’s a link to the highlights: Rousey vs. Carmouche Highlights


5 thoughts on “Girlrilla and Lizbos: Women In MMA

  1. Reminds me of when Seth Myers quipped on SNL about reporters asking Hillary Clinton about her hair style. Clinton said she does not travel with a hairstylist and then said, by the way, I’m the Secretary of State, he joked.

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  3. It takes such courage and skill to do cage fighting like that! I love to watch but it kind of makes me uncomfortable too. The incredible fitness and strength on display is hard not to be impressed by. Male commentators can be such apes…
    Hey, I nominated you for a Liebster Award because I love reading your blog. Hope you’re happy to answer my q’s 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I’m sorry this is such a ridiculously late reply, but I just started my first year of teaching, so blogging kind of went out the window!

      And I feel the exact same way about watching UFC- I think it’s so cool, but it makes me cringe

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