On Being In The (Supply) Closet

I think I briefly mentioned before that I was attempting to get into teaching.  Well, as my complete disappearance from my once weekly posting schedule might have told you- the attempt was a success! Or, at least I started my first year teaching.  And I’m basically climbing through a pile of work and never have the time to put my thoughts down.

So far, I’m not out to my kids.  Not that I don’t ever intend to, but I figured I’d wait until I had a better relationship with them, or got a better hold on the environment I was in to really go for it.  Or maybe I’m mildly afraid of a backlash.  I think it’s a combination of too many scenarios played out in my head.

Anyways, all I got for you for now is this, from the mouths of babes:

“Miss- you can answer a question for me?”

“Maybe. What’s up?”

“Why are girls so complicated?!”

“If I knew the answer, my life would run a lot smoother.”

Or, there’s:

“Miss do you have a boyfriend?”

“No sir, I do not.”

“So you’re lonely”

“Nope- those two things don’t always go together, you know”

“Miss- why is it when girls get dumped, they buy a cat and eat a lot of ice cream?”

…maybe he DOES know I’m gay.


What do you think?

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